Thursday, October 20, 2011


Naxos is a very pleasant place to stay, with its delicious food, pristine beaches, and history.

Beach restaurant with pizza, calamaris and dolma.

Our veranda.

Trip to Delos (ancient Cyclades capital) and Mykonos (tourist capital)

Delos with refines statues and tiles mosaic floors.


Our favorite restaurant back to Naxos. To Elniko. This belongs to a Montrealer of Greek origin.  His wife cooks incredibly good. Their son came for vacation from Montreal to help them. It is a special place with ancient musical instruments inside. They also made food to go and while we were waiting, we were served a complimentary watermelon and a nice chat and visit of the kitchens.

A delicious meal of lamb in tomato sauce and goat fricassee with lettuce and lemon.

Italian restaurant for a break from heavy Greek meat meals. Mussles and salad.

Greek pastries with leak even better than one with spinach.

 I also made Greek food. Fried fish with fries and pasta for our son, and salad.

 Sirocco restaurant with meat balls with tzatziki. Sausages and fries for our son and veal liver fried with onions for my husband. Although it was a place very popular with Scandinavian and English tourists, just because the staff spoke English IMO, it was nothing special and more expensive. Their tzatziki was from supermarket, I know, I bought some too. Can't compare to To Elniko or even other Greek restaurants we tried.

Chora in Naxos is a Venetian ancient city. I know Mykonos is more renowned, but Naxos is so much better with 1/3 of the prices in Mykonos. Naxos is a living island and is always alive. People leave and work there unlike a phantom and touristy islands of Santorini and Mykonos. I found Mykonos lacked soul, although it is very nice.

Huge catamaran ferry.